Best YouTube Exchange. Ever.

Under the comments, naturally of one of the worst videos, ever.
The exchange:

Dumb Person: Lennon mocked god and look what happened
Witty Person: Hefner mocked god and look what happened.

The video:

You don’t need to parody the religious, it’s better to point and laugh.

Is he batshit yet?

Or do we have to wait until Mike Huckabee actually changes the Constitution and “let history decide” his fucking insane legacy?

I’m referring of course to his bullshit blurb about changing the Constitution to conform to “God’s law”.

And I quote:

But I believe it’s a lot easier to change the Constitution than it would be to change the word of the living god. And that’s what we need to do — to amend the Constitution so it’s in God’s standards rather than try to change God’s standards so it lines up with some contemporary view

But by whose “standard” of “God’s standards” do we decide which parts of teh damn bible to put into our laws? The Evangelicals? We’re talking here about the folks who thought it was a good idea to immediately start sending missionaries into Iraq right after our invasion to bring christianity to those poor godless muslims.

Did that go well?

What about the Calvinists who think we’re all damned anyway, should we let them decide the law, and have us ALL go to jail?

These commentators were absolute pussies for not calling him on his bullshit. What he’s talking is not less than treason, and the guy’s comment was that Huckabee’s speech was “interesting”?

Seriously we need some rioting in the streets, crowds of thousands demanding that the President of the most powerful nation, ever, should base his decisions on the what I like to call “the real world” rather than the ceremonial law of Bronze Age theologians.

Texas Culture War

Below is a copy of a letter I sent to the only high ranking school official I know. He is very close to my family, but unfortunately (as of the last time we spoke on the topic) is not what we’d call a supporter of the theory of evolution.

Ordinarily I’d just call it “his loss” but the breathtaking inanity of the culture war on this topic* has me really concerned, and it clearly isn’t going away even though it should.

I sent this letter to him. I doubt he’ll even acknowledge receiving it, but I am reposting it here to show that, yes, I am actively trying to prevent teh stupid from propagating.

*[ by the way: Evolution is a fact. Get over it ]

[ edit: two hours later, Todd replied with assurances that he indeed would not help propagate teh stupid. I feel better now. ]


A lot of crazy stuff is going on in Texas, and probably Florida, along
exactly the same lines as the recent problems in Kansas and

If you didn’t already know, an employee of the Texas Education Agency
was recently forced to resign for implicitly violating a policy of
“neutrality when talking about evolution and creationism”. Full
disclosure: I think such a policy does a serious disservice to

I’m sending you this simply to ask you to read this article and follow
a few of the links (which I consider very relevant) so you know what’s
going on here. And I’d like to ask for your reassurance that, at least
within your sphere of influence, this kind of silliness will never

Evolution, like it or not, is the best basis we have for scientific
understanding of life and its diversity on our planet. That this is
true has been proven (too) many times in the scientific community and
in the court system. Please assure me that, should this kind of
question come up in your school district, you will not behave like the
folks in Kansas, Pennsylvania, Florida, and now Texas. They are doing
the students in their care a disservice.

Thank you,

Reasonably spin free video from the day our world lost its mind

[Edit: I first posted this as “unedited” but on watching it there are clearly gaps at important places, which I feel is unfortunate. They somehow didn’t get video of the actual impact of the second plane, nor did they seem to get a good look at it, ca. 23 minute in.]

Real time video of some of 9/11. Note the distinct lack of smoky heads of satan or outward explosions from a deliberate planned implosion.

The “Values Voters Summit”

I just can’t believe this actually happened, and that these nitwits are still being taken seriously as candidates for the presidency of the most powerful nation, ever. (Better coverage at All for their ability to pander to a crowd over moral panic issues .
Take for example Fred Thompson’s position on the judicial system. I’m not making this up, see the video in which he promises to make a constitutional amendment to limit the power of the judicial branch of the United States Government. His reason? Moral panic about “Judges legislating from the Bench”. This man refuses to understand that the separation of powers was designed specifically to stop tyranny from any one branch. Considering that it takes a lot more education, a much better understanding of “the rule of law”, and presumably a better grasp of how to separate bullshit from the truth, to become a Judge than to become a Congressman or President, I feel we should be handing the courts more power, not permanently taking power from them.

My only hope at this point is that the Republican/NeoCon vote will be split so at least we’ll have a President who’s interested in the affairs of the world we actually live in, rather than some imaginary one where it’s a good idea to enforce “the sanctity of life” and other bullshit issues by power of law.

Actually there is some hope for this: the straw poll at the “Value Voters Summit” has Romney winning. CNN has him trailing Guiliani by a big margin.

Food for thought: if our laws were all made by majority rule based on “values” (as interpreted from teh pulpit out of teh damn bible) back in the 1860s, Romney’s LDS church would have been crushed by the ruling church of the time, and laws passed to justify the action. Put that in your pipe and feel self-righteous about not smoking it!

Grrrr, I don’t have the time to go through all of this and make a good, coherent posting (yes I have a life), but let me just say that if these are the grounds upon which our population decides its next President, then there’s a lot of doom forthcoming. Try googling the term “dark ages”.

More Brilliance I did not write

As tends to be my habit, I was thinking of writing something really clever to express “why it is I think religious fanatics should be shipped somewhere remote to kill each other off in hand-to-hand blody jihad (somewhere there aren’t even good rocks to knock against your enemies, so the killing becomes really really difficult), and that the ‘religious moderates’ should be taxed double to send them there”, when I got distracted by a relevant video.

Humor credits to Marcus Brigstocke.
Hateful violence and brainwashing credits to Yeshua, Muhammad, and Elohim.
Special thanks to Paul and John. And I’m not referring to the Beatles.