The “Values Voters Summit”

I just can’t believe this actually happened, and that these nitwits are still being taken seriously as candidates for the presidency of the most powerful nation, ever. (Better coverage at All for their ability to pander to a crowd over moral panic issues .
Take for example Fred Thompson’s position on the judicial system. I’m not making this up, see the video in which he promises to make a constitutional amendment to limit the power of the judicial branch of the United States Government. His reason? Moral panic about “Judges legislating from the Bench”. This man refuses to understand that the separation of powers was designed specifically to stop tyranny from any one branch. Considering that it takes a lot more education, a much better understanding of “the rule of law”, and presumably a better grasp of how to separate bullshit from the truth, to become a Judge than to become a Congressman or President, I feel we should be handing the courts more power, not permanently taking power from them.

My only hope at this point is that the Republican/NeoCon vote will be split so at least we’ll have a President who’s interested in the affairs of the world we actually live in, rather than some imaginary one where it’s a good idea to enforce “the sanctity of life” and other bullshit issues by power of law.

Actually there is some hope for this: the straw poll at the “Value Voters Summit” has Romney winning. CNN has him trailing Guiliani by a big margin.

Food for thought: if our laws were all made by majority rule based on “values” (as interpreted from teh pulpit out of teh damn bible) back in the 1860s, Romney’s LDS church would have been crushed by the ruling church of the time, and laws passed to justify the action. Put that in your pipe and feel self-righteous about not smoking it!

Grrrr, I don’t have the time to go through all of this and make a good, coherent posting (yes I have a life), but let me just say that if these are the grounds upon which our population decides its next President, then there’s a lot of doom forthcoming. Try googling the term “dark ages”.


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