Teh Ten Commandments

For the idiot in the videos who asked “Since when do we have a problem with the ten commandments”, I humbly submit a direct link to them. You might be surprised that the actual text in the bible isn’t quite what you were taught in sunday school.


6 thoughts on “Teh Ten Commandments

  1. Actually I was being even a bigger dick: there are three sets of “Ten Commandments” in the bible by my count. This is the obscure one the bible thumpers are least likely to bring up.
    Most aren’t aware of it.
    Because “The Greatest Story Ever Told” is boring as hell and nobody is likely to make it as far as this chapter.

  2. I am suprised that no one has brought up the old phrase “Lost in translation” line. I do think that “Thou shalt not Kill” was more than likely “Thou shalt not Murder,” for a start, just to cite an example (or play Devil’s advocate, or bear-bait, or open a can of worms, whatever). The whole thing has been translated from one language to another so many damned times, and I would wager that if there was someone who could translate the original text into the context in which it was written*, there would be a lot of head scratchings going on. Especially in the Fundamentalist sects. And don’t give me that “Devine will” crap to say that it has to be right, either.

    *I mean in cultural, linguistical, regional dialect, slang, etc terms. Far be it from me to say that modern archaeology doesn’t know it’s ass from it’s elbow, but how many people do you know who were actually there and can say whether we have it right or not? It’s conjecture. Purest form thereof.

    End of lecture. Thinking tires me.

  3. My opinion is that there’s been plenty of linguistic/cultural study and that good enough interpretations have been arrived at from all sorts of angles. I don’t have any in-depth knowledge of archeology either but I’m guessing since modern science has figured out how to read Egyptian, Babylonian, and Sumerian (among others) then chances are a really good understanding has been reached by now of the original texts.

    The real problem is that the xian fundies who’re trying to take over our country couldn’t care fucking less about what the text actually says. They’re all about spinning the message to support whatever underinformed bullshit opinions their pastors/ministers have prayed for/pulled from their ass.

    As for the “lost in translation” argument, I’ll never allow anyone to use it. Why would our jealous/just/merciful/omnipotent/forgiving/vengeful deity allow his sacred word to be even a little bit misunderstood? It’s crap apologetics.

  4. “….then chances are a really good understanding has been reached by now of the original texts.” Bollocks. It’s all guesswork up to a certain point; all archaeology is. We can read Egyptian, et al., but there’s no 45 rpm to say we have the pronounciation right.

    The argument regarding spinning religious texts to agree with the political arguments, i.e. the xian fundies, is entirely valid and I agree 100%. Always have. Again, it’s what I refer to as Delicatessen Morality, or Buffet Morality, whichever dining experience appeals more. Pick and choose what you want on your plate and present it for one and all to see. Ever heard me agree with a policitan, aside from maybe McGovern? And he’s dead, so there’s not a chance he’ll go back on his word. Or steal someone else’s.

    Your last paragraph just makes me smile. Enough said.

    “The government is unresponsive to the needs of the little man. Under 5′ 7″, it is impossible to get your congressman on the phone.”

    Woody Allen (1935 – )

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