Jesus was a liberal

And the “Jesus is on my side” crowd is universally full of shit. Wish I could say the Democrats were significantly better.

All I guess we can do is make sure that every single homosexual, swinger, pot smoker, Mexican, Muslim, scientist, human rights advocate, pacifist, nonreligious, or environmentalist votes for the farthest-left candidate who actually has a chance.

And encourage every stalwart Republican to vote Ron Paul at the primaries, just to throw off that 51% majority teh sheep have otherwise. He hasn’t really got a chance but it’ll send a message to the theocrats to knock this shit off next time.

Texas Culture War

Below is a copy of a letter I sent to the only high ranking school official I know. He is very close to my family, but unfortunately (as of the last time we spoke on the topic) is not what we’d call a supporter of the theory of evolution.

Ordinarily I’d just call it “his loss” but the breathtaking inanity of the culture war on this topic* has me really concerned, and it clearly isn’t going away even though it should.

I sent this letter to him. I doubt he’ll even acknowledge receiving it, but I am reposting it here to show that, yes, I am actively trying to prevent teh stupid from propagating.

*[ by the way: Evolution is a fact. Get over it ]

[ edit: two hours later, Todd replied with assurances that he indeed would not help propagate teh stupid. I feel better now. ]


A lot of crazy stuff is going on in Texas, and probably Florida, along
exactly the same lines as the recent problems in Kansas and

If you didn’t already know, an employee of the Texas Education Agency
was recently forced to resign for implicitly violating a policy of
“neutrality when talking about evolution and creationism”. Full
disclosure: I think such a policy does a serious disservice to

I’m sending you this simply to ask you to read this article and follow
a few of the links (which I consider very relevant) so you know what’s
going on here. And I’d like to ask for your reassurance that, at least
within your sphere of influence, this kind of silliness will never

Evolution, like it or not, is the best basis we have for scientific
understanding of life and its diversity on our planet. That this is
true has been proven (too) many times in the scientific community and
in the court system. Please assure me that, should this kind of
question come up in your school district, you will not behave like the
folks in Kansas, Pennsylvania, Florida, and now Texas. They are doing
the students in their care a disservice.

Thank you,

Top Ten Reasons I will not ever be elected to any public office in the United States

  1. I have worn my hair longer than my own mother’s for over 10 years and do not intend to change it for any reason other than my personal aesthetics
  2. I think the United Nations and World Health Organization should be gaining, not losing influence
  3. I feel that qualified, informed, expert opinion is more important than the popular vote when it comes to decision making
  4. I have no difficulty saying in public that the Abrahamic deity is imaginary, and feel no particular urge to pander to people who think teh bible is more useful than the Constitution
  5. I actually care about the rights of individuals, which rights begin when a human becomes capable of suffering and end where the rights of others begin
  6. I think the only applicable legal definition of “marriage” should be “a long term agreement between two consenting individual adults”
  7. I tell the honest truth about my sexuality to anyone who cares enough to ask, because it is mine to discuss and be frank about
  8. I think it more useful to quote Hitler and Stalin more often than Jesus at any occasion, if only to start a good argument, e.g. “What luck for rulers that men do not think/The public, which is mostly stupid and has a very short memory, is not capable of recognizing the real instigator of the quarrel in the midst of the turmoil that has been raised.” or “History shows that there are no invincible armies and that there never have been”, respectively, would start a more useful political discussion than “I am the way, the truth, and the light”
  9. I can admit on camera to having committed each of the seven deadly sins, uttered every kind of blasphemy I can think of (and survived), and broken all of the ten commandments (depending on how you interpret “thou shalt not kill” of course) without apologizing
  10. Nude photographs exist of me on teh internet, and I’m not taking them down

[Edit: funniest thing ever! This afternoon I had a dream that Ben Stein approached me in person and told me that he thought I should run for Congress for the Republican Party. I spent the rest of the dream trying to decide if I really wanted to do it or not. You tend to be really suggestible in dreams, kind of like how some people will believe anything while they’re awake]

Reasonably spin free video from the day our world lost its mind

[Edit: I first posted this as “unedited” but on watching it there are clearly gaps at important places, which I feel is unfortunate. They somehow didn’t get video of the actual impact of the second plane, nor did they seem to get a good look at it, ca. 23 minute in.]

Real time video of some of 9/11. Note the distinct lack of smoky heads of satan or outward explosions from a deliberate planned implosion.

I missed it

I missed the John West lecture at the U of M but naturally PZ summed it up nicely.

A commenter mentioned someone should

put together a 2-hour presentation entitled “The Evils of Creationism and Intelligent Design,” and recite the laundry list of moral infractions, lies, and frauds foisted upon an unsuspecting public by these liars for Jebus.

I read that and thought: “I could do that. I could be that guy.”

What do you think? Am I that guy? All I really need is a little bit of funding (I needed that anyway) and a few campus groups to set up the venues.