As good a reason as any to visit U of M

So a Discovery Institute fuckwad lecturer, John West, plans to make a little visit to the U of M this week.

I have three really good reasons to go:

  1. a good opportunity to hear and mock the man in person
  2. a chance to meet PZ Meyers
  3. free beer

Plus the idea that I’m trying to make some friends up there as I will be most likely moving to the Cities soon.

I could hug PZ Meyers

Many times.

Here’s about as good a refutation as can be made to the claims the Discovery Institute (a creationist asshat organization with lots of funding and no science) is still trying to make that it’s okay to try to “teach the controversy” about the theory of evolution.

Quick synopsis, it’s not. Not because there’s a conspiracy to keep out dissenting voices out of our science classrooms, but because those voices continue to contribute only falsehood and misdirection (smoke and mirrors, for those of you who didn’t do so good in school). Our students don’t need any more misdirection than they’re already getting (e.g. being told they’re in school to learn when the reality is that our education system is part of the Matrix).

I also wanted to point out, PZ publishes the relevant parts of the science curriculum in Minnesota, his state of residence and mine. If the biology standards in Nebraska where I grew up were this comprehensive and specific, then I am pretty sure my teachers fell short on the standards.

The standard he quotes is of high quality. You (yes, I’m looking at you) need to cast your ballots at the Federal, State, Local, and School Board levels for people who will support that the standard be taught to all students.

All I want for Christmas


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Is this image on about a 30″ poster format.

Tell your congressman, the Japanese are officially kicking our ass in lunar exploration. This is a screenshot from a lunar probe they launched earlier this year, that has been sending back not grainy black-and-white images, but High Definition video from very close to the surface of the moon.

While we fart around trying to protect all the people in Iraq from killing each other because of the power vacuum we created there.

(By the way, “I told you so”)