Finally it makes sense to me.

It just occurred to me why the GOP is spending all their time, effort, and political capital on the idea that we need to stake our environment’s future on short-term jobs in the fossil fuel industries.

They expect most of their supporters to die in the next 20 years anyway.

That makes a little bit more sense than my previous assumption that their base simply expects Teh Rapture to happen any day now.

But not much.

We live in exciting times.

It’s about time!

I just finished “reading” (okay I had to resort to the audiobook version, or I’d have never got the job done)  the final book of Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower” series.

Holy Shit.

That was over four thousand pages of me wondering if the ending would be worth the incredibly long  journey.

It was.

Somebody buy me the hardcovers of the whole series. Please?

Yes, he really is a fucktard

Just in case anyone was harboring any secret suspicions that “Dr. Dino” might have said anything intelligent to earn his claimed honorific, I give you Kent Hovind’s Doctoral Dissertation. Do not take my word for how bad this thing is. Go read it. Now. I can wait.

I don’t know how to describe to you how stupid this thing reads. Not one footnote, lots of bad information, lots of assumptions, and it’s meant to be a dissertation?


Wherin Rick Warren shows his douchebaggery

As if there was any question.

C’mon Rick, show some balls like those other True Christians(tm), the Westboro Baptist Church.

They’re reading from the same Word of God you are, why aren’t you getting the exact same answers?

Oh yeah. Must be because it’s the Big Fucking Book of Multiple Choice.