I am another one of those really irritating people who is just smart enough to recognize and speak out about the bullshit in our culture when I see it, and just poor and lazy enough not to have any effect on it.

Thus, I blog.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I found your site while looking up the top ten proofs that God exists. I was taken back by your delivery. Why such foul language? I don’t get it. I am no saint in any way, but I think your language is not needed to relay your point. What if God is real and the bible is true? What is the main theme of Christianity? To me it is love your neighbor, do right when no one is looking, help the widows and the orphans. If you want to argue that God doesn’t exist, then what should be my purpose for my life while I’m here? How would you make the world a better place? Or do you even care to? Just curious.

    • If your opening move is to criticize my use of language, you’re already starting on the wrong foot.
      Look past the words, and pay attention to the message.
      The message itself is profoundly simple: The question of the existence of God/gods is pretty important to a lot of people, so it’s important to pay attention to the arguments – both for and against.
      My general thesis is that even when you ask people for the BEST arguments to support the existence of their deities, all you will get back is crap. Garbage. Stunningly, disturbingly, unapologetic – oh, here it comes – bullshit.
      The fact that the BEST arguments supporting the veracity of a major premise many people base their lives on are complete (again) bullshit is in my opinion more than enough to justify the use of language.

      That said, how’s your search going? What have you learned? Has your mind been changed? Have you come up with a convincing means of showing my thesis (language notwithstanding) is incorrect? I’m sincerely curious.

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