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The stupid comment:

I voted for Huck bcause John Mccain is for everything I am against. Hes for abortion and Illegal immigrants. I dont care if he is a christian. Why does this country have a problem with Christians so bad. We are supposed to be free to do what we want, yet everyone is offended by GOD or Jesus. they dont seem to be offended by Allah, or the muslims who attacked our country, no they want to bring the soldiers home so OBama can find his friend OSama and bring the war on our land instead of a desert.

My replies
It’s clear you don’t understand what people are offended by.
I’ll give personal examples: I am offended that a president was elected by obnoxiously narrow margins twice because the religious right produced an over-representative voter turnout based on moral panic issues.
I am offended that Bush’s faith-based initiative intentionally and unfairly takes Federal money away from equivalent secular social programs in favor of programs that have a religious basis.
I am not offended by your god

I am offended that there is a bill in Congress right now [HR 888] containing 75 whereas clauses of revisionist history to support a claim that this is a “Christian nation” while ignoring the facts of our history where religion brought out the worst in people- e.g. the protestant vs. catholic conflicts between kids that were the basis of the court case that outlawed bible study in public schools.
Our government BY LAW is supposed to remain neutral wrt religion.
I am not offended by Jesus.

I’m offended that science is being vocally denigrated by people who don’t understand it, that some will lie outright about its findings, and that they waste taxpayer money in ongoing and repeated lawsuits by manipulating local School Boards to build student curricula that have misleading and inaccurate statements about science, all because they think that the damn bible is to be read literally even (or especially) where it conflicts with what we know through science.
Not offended by crucifixes.

[At about this point someone turned off comments on the video]
I’m offended that a candidate for the POTUS got as far as Huckabee did, even after publicly stating that the law of our land should be changed to fit “god’s law”. Can you imagine the conflict and the schisms that would happen once we decide to base our government on the bible?
[HINT: take a look at the thousands of schisms that have occurred in the Protestant world, the recent history of “christian” Ireland, the peaceful influence of islam over the Middle East.]
Not offended by personal prayer or bible study.

I am offended that anyone would accuse a candidate for the POTUS of being in cahoots with an anti-American extremist nutjob terrorist just because his father happened to be a muslim (from Kenya, which by the way is thousands of miles physically and politically from Saudi Arabia from whence said nutjob came).
I am not offended by people being mistaken in assuming that religiosity is the only way to teach morality to our children. I do, however disagree.

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