You are not the center of the Universe

I actually disagree with that statement. If there’s any validity to the premise that there’s a “center” of the Universe at all (which doesn’t actually turn out to be supported by the evidence), then for all practical intents and purposes, we happen to be it.

The microwave background radiation, for example, happens to be the same distance from us in all directions, and is darn close to the same temperature in all directions.

So, strike that. You ARE the center of the Universe.

But you are not the most important thing. You are a speck on the surface of a dot orbiting a point of light that circles a galaxy (that turns out to be relatively large but certainly not the greatest of them all) in a cluster of galaxies among millions of other clusters of galaxies buzzing around like flies in the football stadium of empty space that is our visible Universe.

So if you think it’s all about you, or that the anthropomorphic guy you like to say built it all is personally hurt that you had that wank last night, stop worrying.

You can have that beer, and it wouldn’t hurt for you to get out and get laid. Or at least it won’t hurt anyone but yourself if you pick up an infection.

A handy list of U.S. Representatives who do not get it

Fourteen Republicans who think it worth our country’s time and money to even consider a bill recommending to the President that he designate 2010 as “The National Year of the Bible”

I cannot think of many other ways to utterly waste the President’s time, yet these tools will probably get political mileage out of this stupid bill among their constituents.

And I call them out by name:

  • Mr. BROUN
  • Mr. FORBES
  • Mr. PENCE
  • Mr. GINGREY of Georgia
  • Mr. FRANKS of Arizona
  • Mr. JORDAN of Ohio
  • Mr. WAMP
  • Mr. CARTER
  • Mr. AKIN, and

You, of the party that claims to be about small government, should not be wasting your time (our money) on this bullshit when there are real problems to be solved. You are all idiots.

I feel better now.