I felt this way before it was cool to call George W. Bush an idiot

And I like to see my sentiments repeated by others, just as much as the next guy does.

Roy Zimmerman’s a genius, buy his albums.

More Brilliance I did not write

As tends to be my habit, I was thinking of writing something really clever to express “why it is I think religious fanatics should be shipped somewhere remote to kill each other off in hand-to-hand blody jihad (somewhere there aren’t even good rocks to knock against your enemies, so the killing becomes really really difficult), and that the ‘religious moderates’ should be taxed double to send them there”, when I got distracted by a relevant video.

Humor credits to Marcus Brigstocke.
Hateful violence and brainwashing credits to Yeshua, Muhammad, and Elohim.
Special thanks to Paul and John. And I’m not referring to the Beatles.