The DNC pissed me off, too

I don’t have time to write about it right now but here’s a letter someone else wrote to Rick Warren about the first talks with the presidential candidates. I won’t say it exactly speaks for me but maybe this will be a good reminder for me to write more on it later.

Also I’m going to fully answer every question Warren asked of both the candidates in an upcoming post.

To be clear, I’m pretty disgusted that both parties have been pandering to the religious, but I’m especially disappointed that the DNC seems to have disenfranchised the non-religious. The Democratic Party wasn’t terrific on my issues before, but at least they didn’t act like the Republicans. Until now.

Expect to see a lot of write-in votes for Paris Hilton this year.

Comments Policy

Not that I have any trouble with commenters at all on this blog (not enough traffic I guess), I think I’ll adopt this commenter policy, because it says all the right things.

My favorite part

4. Freedom of Speech: This blog is for my freedom of speech, and mine only. I delete comments that irritate me for more than a few seconds because it is not worth my time to be irritated at assholes on the Internet. This does not curtail your freedom of speech because I am not the U.S. Government. The first amendment of the U.S. Constitution does not guarantee assholes a platform on my blog.

That, my friends, is the correct answer to the question of “Free Speech” on the interwebs.