Yep, it’s still happening in America

People are basing their electoral decisions on the vague phonetic similarity between the name of guy born in Kansas, and the name of a religious/political nutjob in Saudi Arabia.

Nevermind that nothing either of these individuals has ever said about anything, ever, shows any political similarity between them. Phonetic similarity between names is damning.

If the McCain/Palin campaign wanted to impress me, a citizen with some real education, they’d publicly condemn – loudly publicly condemn – this kind of bullshit. It would cost them the batshit-crazy vote (an important constituency for the Republican party), but at least I could respect them.

Two weeks to go.

Anyone want to take bets as to whether they’ll step up and clear up the lies, prejudice, and ignorance? They haven’t to date.

Now, not even Ohio can save McCain

And I’m okay with that. I love me some election simulation – teh Republican has to win every single remaining swing state in order to win the election now.

Perhaps we’re entering an era of clean, reality-based politics and reasonable government regulation after all?

I’d still like Obama never to have to mention being a christian again, but that won’t happen until the accusation of being a muslim stops being damning for him- that is, after the 2012 election season.

/me sighs.

Fixme: collection of panning reviews of Expelled

[Another draft I’m just publishing as-is]

Also be sure to link to the “carbon credit” idea of giving money to people who do real science as penance for paying to go see teh stupid.

[update: look at Expelled Exposed]