Perfectly legal protected speech

Please find below a very protected (by copyright and free speech law in the United States), very legal, and unapologetic criticism of one of my favorite modern-day fucktards, Kent Hovind.

In case you aren’t aware, Kent is a “creation science” preacher, currently doing time for tax evasion.

To my knowledge, embedding this video, with attribution (credits to Eddy Goombah, thanks a million!) is absolutely protected by US Copyright law.

On the other hand, Christian Science Evangelism has been submitting copyright violation complaints to YouTube because Hovind’s “educational materials” are being excerpted to show Hovind in a bad light. Trouble is that up until very recently CSE had been claiming that the excerpted videos were copyright free.
Their recent action is blatant and punishable abuse of US Copyright law and I guarantee someone is going to jail for it- and it won’t be anyone whose YouTube account was disabled. It will be a “Doctor Dino”-following fucktard.

Hate to waste a good rant

One reason I blog is that I always use up my comment limit on other websites, spouting off about the idiocy we see there.

Here’s one of the dumber comments I’ve seen lately:

“Atheism is fanatical ignorance.” – jspeaker1 on

My response:
Not ignorance.
Every atheist I know, as a rule, has read more of the bible, and has also put more thought into morality and ethics, and faith, and science, and history, than every christian I’ve ever met.
No atheist I’ve ever known has come to his disbelief easily, no christian has come to accept christ after a genuine quest for truth.
Polar opposite of what you’ve assumed of course, but that’s because you’ve already made up your stupid mind.

If you feel the same as jspeaker1 does, please, I beg of you to study some world history, and not just that 1300 page version we got from the council of Nicea. Humanity has done a great deal of work on these questions, and elohim hasn’t struck down a single human being just for asking “why should I believe in you?”

Because he’s not there.

Humans do horrible things to each other mostly because they feel they’re doing the right thing. Humans do kind things to each other mostly because they feel bad if they don’t. There’s no hand of god in this, just our own humanity.

Try to see this. Then spread the word.

More Brilliance I did not write

As tends to be my habit, I was thinking of writing something really clever to express “why it is I think religious fanatics should be shipped somewhere remote to kill each other off in hand-to-hand blody jihad (somewhere there aren’t even good rocks to knock against your enemies, so the killing becomes really really difficult), and that the ‘religious moderates’ should be taxed double to send them there”, when I got distracted by a relevant video.

Humor credits to Marcus Brigstocke.
Hateful violence and brainwashing credits to Yeshua, Muhammad, and Elohim.
Special thanks to Paul and John. And I’m not referring to the Beatles.

More crazy shit to warn your kids about.

I’ve decided to keep a log of all the crazy statements the xians make so I will have documented evidence to provide my daughters when they ask why I’m so anti-church.

Here’s a fabulous example of christian hypocrisy and insanity aimed at forcefeeding a “biblical worldview” to the youth of America, in order to bring “absolute moral truth” and a “biblically based worldview to every area of life”.

It is ludicrous that these folks consider this a good thing.

I’m going to print this out, highlight the following “Requirements for Application”, and staple to my daughters’ wall:

• Life-long pursuit of learning and truth
• A passion to shape a truth-based culture that increasingly embodies biblical principles

Does anyone have a really good resource for children on how to actually determine the truth of a thing? The bible is not the first resource I would go to for such a vital skill. Perhaps I should write one?

Link lovin’

Some link love for PZ Myers, arguably as good a writer as Dawkins and slightly more prolific.

I see the kind of whatever-argument-works-at-the-moment apologetics he points out here in almost every conversation I have on the subject of religion.

Also I think Richard Dawkins’ new OUT campaign could use a few points on the Google meters.

And finally a nice brochure to print out for your campus atheist group’s booth.