Anything I can do to increase the hit rate for “Ben Stein is Stupid”

Guess he’s been going on Fox News to spew silliness. I don’t think the Fox News audience needed any more than it already was getting.
Ben Stein is stupid.
Bill O’Reilly is a jackass.
And for the record, I’ve been saying “George W. Bush is an idiot” since 1999.


3 thoughts on “Anything I can do to increase the hit rate for “Ben Stein is Stupid”

  1. I have to disagree with Ben Stein being “stupid.” Opinionated, yes; a product of his time, yes; not as liberal as he might be, certainly. But not stupid. Consider his stints working for the White House — granted, poor example, but he spins believable spin, and that shows a certain amount of intelligence. Plus, no one can say “Bueller” as convincingly. And he does show a knack for answering obscure trivia. I would just say that he is locked up in a world of his own and is happy to announce it in one way or another.

    (now awaiting scolding)

  2. I guess I’m calling him stupid on the grounds that anyone who refuses to be reasoned with invites ridicule.
    The thesis of his new movie is flat fucking absurd, and he’s pushing it as truth onto a badly undereducated public, which will accept his argument on the grounds that he’s a celebrity who generally appears to be smart. This is damaging to our world as a whole, and he’s stupid for not recognizing this.
    I am sooo moving to Sweden.

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