“Drill Baby Drill” is a sad reminder how stupid some of us are

I have no idea how good his data is, but this guy is screaming what I’ve been screaming for about 15 years.

I’m still hacked off, 10 years after the SUV boom started, that nobody has wanted to acknowledge the fact that oil is FINITE resource.

I’m almost convinced, though some would say that it’s my cynical side showing through, that people have decided not to care because they’re so sure that teh rapture is going to come sweep them away, minutes before the shit finally hits the fan when the oil is all gone.

And they’re gonna be up there in heaven laughing and pointing at the rest of us fighting over the three trees and four ounces of gasoline they’ve left on the planet.

See also “Drill Baby Drill” from their own mouths.

Sick, the whole lot of them.

It looks like Obama the only sane one talking yet another important issue:

Divided, sooo divided

Barack talks about faith, and I only halfway agree with him.
On one hand, props to “the celebrity” for pointing out that the religious right has been using religion as a bludgeon to divide people.

On the other hand he trots out the tired and barely-half-right assertion that it is religious people who are responsible for the abolition, women’s suffrage, and civil rights.

It’s half right because it is also religious people who fought hardest against those three things, and used the bible to justify it.

Like myself he says that he does not believe “religious folks have a monopoly on morality”. Win.
He wants to give even more money to the “faith based” initiatives. Lose.
But he claims he’ll put more restrictions on them so the money won’t be used for proselytizing. Should be a “win” but I’ll have to see what policies are actually enforced.

At least he’s not entirely batshit crazy (search McCain’s Education policy for the word “Science”).

Sarah Palin, Who cares what anyone else says anymore?

Washington has been asleep at the switch and ineffective and management on Wall Street has not run these institutions responsibly and has put companies and markets at risk
-Sarah Palin

This from the party of less regulation, less government? It’s a good thing she was never on the ticket for the Libertarian vote.

Sure hope all that upcoming responsibility doesn’t raise our taxes any more. ‘Cause, you know, that would damage our economy.

[Updated to add:] Does this mean McCain is going to stop talking about how strong our economy still is, now?


Echoing one of John McCain’s favorite lines, the Alaska governor said she was pleased taxpayer money would not be used to bail out Lehman, as it was following the collapse of Bear Stearns last spring.

Too bad they are bailing out Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae, which are hundreds of times larger than Lehman Brothers.

[Edited AGAIN to add:] It also looks like Alaska is the state with the highest taxes and the highest per-capita government spending. You could call Time magazine a biased medium, but I doubt it would be hard to confirm that assessment.
And I actually don’t have a problem with that. Transportation and infrastructure obviously will cost more in Alaska than anywhere else. And they’d certainly have to pay ME more if they wanted me to teach there.
It is the anti-tax Republicans and Libertarians who should be appalled, if they’re not hypocrites. Oh. Well, never mind then.

Somebody’s in it for the money

Catholicism is a funny thing, where there is no truth so sacred that somebody’s not going to try to make a buck off it

These statue makers drive me crazy almost as much as “christian” bookstores.

[Edited Sept 8, 2008 to add this link] I personally own a statue of Jesus handing a little boy the eucharist at his first communion.

How weird/morbid is that?

It means nothing to me religiously. I keep it mostly because it was a well-intentioned gift from close family, but also for the occasional laugh I get looking at it.