I missed it

I missed the John West lecture at the U of M but naturally PZ summed it up nicely.

A commenter mentioned someone should

put together a 2-hour presentation entitled “The Evils of Creationism and Intelligent Design,” and recite the laundry list of moral infractions, lies, and frauds foisted upon an unsuspecting public by these liars for Jebus.

I read that and thought: “I could do that. I could be that guy.”

What do you think? Am I that guy? All I really need is a little bit of funding (I needed that anyway) and a few campus groups to set up the venues.


3 thoughts on “I missed it

  1. All I lack is some real funding, and the “Ph.D” after my name.
    Dunno if either of them is going to happen soon.
    Guess I’ll have to live off my (nonexistent) savings until people start paying me to lecture.

    Thank you for stopping by!

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