Here’s the math on the Anthropic Principle

[Another draft I’m just publishing as-is]

Okay, so let’s go with the assumption that the universe was specially created just for us, alright?

I want to illustrate something of an idea of how small the actual fraction of the universe designated for us really is.

Sorry, math follows:

Let’s assume a couple of variables just for the sake of keeping the math a little bit easier:

“Radius” of the Universe (and we’re at the center of it). Let’s be REALLY wrong and say it’s one million kilometers. Consider for the moment that one light year = N km, and that the visible universe can be assumed as a sphere roughly 13 billion light years in radius (rounding DOWN to make the known universe smaller)

See also: distance to the moon:

Radius of the Earth (I’m rounding UP to make our fraction of it seem bigger): 6500 km.

Average height of a man (exaggerated again): 2m

Fraction of the surface of the earth that humans find habitable (yes, rounded up to an extreme): 1/10

Ready for some math now?

Assuming a spherical Earth (this is wrong but the closest thing to a correct assumption in this entire exercise), the volume of the earth can be calculated as [pi]R[cubed]=(3.14) (4000 miles)^3=XXX

Let’s just say that the space that people occupy is a spherical shell 6 feet high, and 10% of the surface area. The volume of that we occupy is (VP-VE)/10

Incidentally, multiplying an average mass of 150 lb (again, very generous) per human times roughly 7.2 billion people yeilds 1080 billion pounds of humans living on the surface of the earth. Assume 2 gallons of water and 2 pounds of food per person per day for a year, which yields X pounds of food and water the Lord has set aside for our consumption this year.

Compare that to an estimated mass for the Earth of 5.9736×1024 kg — todo, convert to matching units.


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