“Drill Baby Drill” is a sad reminder how stupid some of us are

I have no idea how good his data is, but this guy is screaming what I’ve been screaming for about 15 years.

I’m still hacked off, 10 years after the SUV boom started, that nobody has wanted to acknowledge the fact that oil is FINITE resource.

I’m almost convinced, though some would say that it’s my cynical side showing through, that people have decided not to care because they’re so sure that teh rapture is going to come sweep them away, minutes before the shit finally hits the fan when the oil is all gone.

And they’re gonna be up there in heaven laughing and pointing at the rest of us fighting over the three trees and four ounces of gasoline they’ve left on the planet.

See also “Drill Baby Drill” from their own mouths.

Sick, the whole lot of them.

It looks like Obama the only sane one talking yet another important issue:


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