Divided, sooo divided

Barack talks about faith, and I only halfway agree with him.
On one hand, props to “the celebrity” for pointing out that the religious right has been using religion as a bludgeon to divide people.

On the other hand he trots out the tired and barely-half-right assertion that it is religious people who are responsible for the abolition, women’s suffrage, and civil rights.

It’s half right because it is also religious people who fought hardest against those three things, and used the bible to justify it.

Like myself he says that he does not believe “religious folks have a monopoly on morality”. Win.
He wants to give even more money to the “faith based” initiatives. Lose.
But he claims he’ll put more restrictions on them so the money won’t be used for proselytizing. Should be a “win” but I’ll have to see what policies are actually enforced.

At least he’s not entirely batshit crazy (search McCain’s Education policy for the word “Science”).


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