Somebody’s in it for the money

Catholicism is a funny thing, where there is no truth so sacred that somebody’s not going to try to make a buck off it

These statue makers drive me crazy almost as much as “christian” bookstores.

[Edited Sept 8, 2008 to add this link] I personally own a statue of Jesus handing a little boy the eucharist at his first communion.

How weird/morbid is that?

It means nothing to me religiously. I keep it mostly because it was a well-intentioned gift from close family, but also for the occasional laugh I get looking at it.


3 thoughts on “Somebody’s in it for the money

  1. I spent a little more time looking at the website, and can’t see how it’s much worse than my buying a t-shirt that has “Chrysler” emblazened on the front, or even a mixer that says “Kitchen-Aid” in big letters. It’s all advertising in one form or another. Granted, there haven’t been crusades to convert the world to drive Sebrings (though there should have been for the Valiant) or to burn all Mixmasters, but it just boils down to product placement.

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