Book Challenging Parents

I’m very fortunate to be married to a woman who, in spite of her upbringing in a fundamentalist cult, has grown up and mostly out of closed-mindedness. We now agree, for example, that (when we can afford to) we will obtain every single commonly “challenged book” and be sure they find prominent placement on each our our children’s age-appropriate shelves.

Found today a good letter from a librarian to a patron who had asked for a book to be “reconsidered”.

This particular case seems to me like another example of a parent trying to control what their child reads in order that the child not ask uncomfortable questions.

I ask “what the hell else are books good for?”

And yes, we will probably be buying “Uncle Bobby’s Wedding”.


One thought on “Book Challenging Parents

  1. Wow. There are about fifteen different lines of thought I want to include in my reply to this post, and I find myself not being able to choose from them. They span from being tired of having people judge a person by their bedroom to applauding the steps American society has finally made to rebel against censorship in so-called public libraries.

    Granted I do not have children, but having been several mellenia ago, I was raised by my (considered at the time to be, and apparently still) “progressive” grandparents and remember much of the process. They were of the mindset of: Don’t like the TV show? Turn the channel. Don’t like the book? Don’t read it. And just remember that every action as a consequence, not knowing what’s around you can leave you in the dark, love deeply whom you love and respect other who are different and live different lives.

    Not as honed a comment as I would have liked, but geeze. Misterpost is allowing his kids to have opinions. He and his wife are even promoting free thought! What a novel concept in this bubble-wrap-your-children-from-reality day and age.

    I applaud it. My elders would too.

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