Yeah, what he said

More link lovin, this time for Alex Palazzo

And some for the first SkepDude (???) I’ve seen an article from on SkepChick.

In the interest of skepticism and intellectual honesty, I do have to denounce two of Sam Ogden’s points: March madness is NOT “the single greatest sporting event in the history of mankind,” and Fred Phelps is NOT “pure evil”. He’s no more evil than any other bible thumper, he just believes in more in the inerrancy of the bible than most. In his own fucked-up way he’s a better warrior for christ than most. And he’s much better at showing how bad a thing that is to be.


One thought on “Yeah, what he said

  1. I’d have to agree. There’s something to be said for Phelps and his offensive honesty. It beats inoffensive dishonesty, something that has become a calling card for the American middle class and presidential candidates. Phelps is even more honest than Bush, whose every utterance is from some neocon Bizarro-World. I’m sure Bush laments not being able to have the GOP moral hardliners unite with al-Qaeda and Christian Patriot militia groups in hating gays, blacks, immigrants, Jews (but not Israel — remember the Apocalypse and such), liberals, and Catholic Slav mud-people. No wonder Halliburton moved its main offices to Dubai, to be among rich, sanctimonious hypocrites whose hatred is similar to theirs. I don’t have a solution, but equating the Christian Right with the Islamic extremists — and citing numerous examples of the similarities in public places — is a good damn start.

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