The Fucktard — Asshat connection

It’s official: I have evidence that my absolute favorite underqualified-to-comment-on-politics asshat Chuck Norris is endorsing my new favorite wants-t0-redefine-our-founding-document fucktard politician Mike Huckabee.

I should be above caring about the endorsement, but it brings to mind a more important question: Why the hell does Chuck Norris make the news (even if it is CNN) anyway?

I hope they both get raptured.

Also, here’s an article on Salon about the really wonderful people who also think it would be good to have a Huckabee as president.

5 thoughts on “The Fucktard — Asshat connection

  1. Sorry, you have to wait a few seconds for the “Enter Salon” link to show up in the upper right hand corner of the page. I think it waits till 2-3 seconds after the entire page has loaded.

  2. My grandmother actually thinks CNN is a valid news source. She feels I’m under a rock since I don’t watch CNN. Snort.

    How do you get embedded You Tube vids into your WordPress blog, I’m having trouble. Help?!

  3. Yeah, basically if it doesn’t show up on NPR or my preferred corner of the blogosphere, it wasn’t anything I care about.
    CNN is 99% filler, 24 hours a day.
    Who gives a shit about teh celebrities when there are politicians trying to rewrite our constitution?

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