Perfectly legal protected speech

Please find below a very protected (by copyright and free speech law in the United States), very legal, and unapologetic criticism of one of my favorite modern-day fucktards, Kent Hovind.

In case you aren’t aware, Kent is a “creation science” preacher, currently doing time for tax evasion.

To my knowledge, embedding this video, with attribution (credits to Eddy Goombah, thanks a million!) is absolutely protected by US Copyright law.

On the other hand, Christian Science Evangelism has been submitting copyright violation complaints to YouTube because Hovind’s “educational materials” are being excerpted to show Hovind in a bad light. Trouble is that up until very recently CSE had been claiming that the excerpted videos were copyright free.
Their recent action is blatant and punishable abuse of US Copyright law and I guarantee someone is going to jail for it- and it won’t be anyone whose YouTube account was disabled. It will be a “Doctor Dino”-following fucktard.


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