Hate to waste a good rant

One reason I blog is that I always use up my comment limit on other websites, spouting off about the idiocy we see there.

Here’s one of the dumber comments I’ve seen lately:

“Atheism is fanatical ignorance.” – jspeaker1 on YouTube.com

My response:
Not ignorance.
Every atheist I know, as a rule, has read more of the bible, and has also put more thought into morality and ethics, and faith, and science, and history, than every christian I’ve ever met.
No atheist I’ve ever known has come to his disbelief easily, no christian has come to accept christ after a genuine quest for truth.
Polar opposite of what you’ve assumed of course, but that’s because you’ve already made up your stupid mind.

If you feel the same as jspeaker1 does, please, I beg of you to study some world history, and not just that 1300 page version we got from the council of Nicea. Humanity has done a great deal of work on these questions, and elohim hasn’t struck down a single human being just for asking “why should I believe in you?”

Because he’s not there.

Humans do horrible things to each other mostly because they feel they’re doing the right thing. Humans do kind things to each other mostly because they feel bad if they don’t. There’s no hand of god in this, just our own humanity.

Try to see this. Then spread the word.


2 thoughts on “Hate to waste a good rant

  1. My argument stands: read the Left Behind series. It’s written at a fourth grade level and is a very convincing argument for the under-educated and un-educated to BELIEVE. Praise the Lord! And as my Uncle once said, “I don’t believe, but I’d rather say I do, just in case there really is a G-d.”

    I say if hell is like South Park, with a homosexual devil avec Saddam as his partner, it’s a pretty damn fun place. And all the red states are hot anyway, they’ll be used to the heat. LMAO.

  2. That’s another version of Pascal’s Wager. My favorite counter-argument is to suggest that my assailant is going to be very disappointed at the Pearly Gates– of Valhalla.

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