More crazy shit to warn your kids about.

I’ve decided to keep a log of all the crazy statements the xians make so I will have documented evidence to provide my daughters when they ask why I’m so anti-church.

Here’s a fabulous example of christian hypocrisy and insanity aimed at forcefeeding a “biblical worldview” to the youth of America, in order to bring “absolute moral truth” and a “biblically based worldview to every area of life”.

It is ludicrous that these folks consider this a good thing.

I’m going to print this out, highlight the following “Requirements for Application”, and staple to my daughters’ wall:

• Life-long pursuit of learning and truth
• A passion to shape a truth-based culture that increasingly embodies biblical principles

Does anyone have a really good resource for children on how to actually determine the truth of a thing? The bible is not the first resource I would go to for such a vital skill. Perhaps I should write one?


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