The defining reality of my adult life.

Abstinence Only

Do not ever believe anyone who tells you that the best approach to sex education is “abstinence-only” in the schools, supplemented by whatever parents choose to teach their kids.

Mine never said anything about condoms, but I knew about them from school and had no moral dilemma from their proper use. Others near and dear to me seemed to have missed the point of sex ed, and paid dearly for it- and this was back in the late 90’s. There are two specific persons I have in mind, whom my friends would know about. I couldn’t tell you what they learned about safe sex in school, but I have read the pamphlets they received from church, and it is now certain that one didn’t think about safe sex because she didn’t expect to have sex at all, and the other simply had a broken attitude about what was safe and sane.

They were both wrong and this directly affected at least thirty lives.

Some other time I’ll probably expand on that.

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