Okay this needs work

Basically we’ve all heard of the seven deadly sins (they don’t really exist in the bible per se, but they’re used nicely in some later fiction). The seven sins seem to be:

  1. pride
  2. envy
  3. gluttony
  4. lust
  5. anger
  6. greed
  7. sloth

I find dwelling on peoples sins (faults) to be wildly unhelpful. One of these days I’ll write up a really great spiel on the opposites- the seven lifegiving virtues:

  1. humility
  2. trust
  3. frugality
  4. temperance
  5. patience
  6. generosity
  7. industry

Though I’m pretty sure the Eight virtues (can’t think of the correct term) of Buddhism are probably more useful.

[update May 21, 2007. Adding the 18 activities you shouldn’t do from Jainism]

  1. PranatipaatViolence
  2. MrushavaadUntruth
  3. AdattadaanTheft
  4. Maithun — Unchaste behaviour
  5. Parigraha — Possessiveness
  6. KrodhAnger
  7. MannArrogance
  8. Maya — Illusion
  9. LobhGreed
  10. RaagAttachment
  11. DveshHate
  12. Kalaha — (Agitation)
  13. Abhyakhyan — Accusation
  14. PaishoonyaGossip
  15. Par-parivadCriticism
  16. Rati-Arati — Likes and Dislikes
  17. Maya-mosoMalice
  18. Mithyya Darshan ShalyaWrong belief

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