Protesters walk out on live performance

Lovingly stolen from BoingBoing:

Okay so there’s this group who attend this performance, it appears to be a comedy monologue, at a repertory theater. And as a protest of his content, they get up and leave, en masse, when the content gets a little racy.

And, see, you can tell that this protest was coordinated and planned. So the leader of some group of like 87 people makes plans to buy tickets to a guy’s show, with the explicit intention of walking out in the middle of it. As a type of protest, I am divided between thinking it’s brilliant and thinking it’s pointless.

But I think the performer won, because the free publicity for his show will sell more tickets, than this protest will hurt his ticket sales.

It’s just nuts that one of them poured water on his notes. That crossed a line from free expression into assault. It’s only just funny enough that I’m not upset about the very minor destruction of property.


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