Front Matter

Sorry I have to take care of some housekeeping before I start a new blog.
To make a long story short, I had a blog already where I could rant about religion and politics, but it was tied to my email name. Since it was possible for an employer to find the blog by googling my email name, I decided to take it down. I regret nothing about the content of my old blog, only that I wasn’t able to export the content before I took it down.
This new blog is the result.

While we’re going out of our way to take care of meta stuff, I’m going to address my favorite pet peeves about our current culture wars. Consider this also a firm set of rules for commenting on my blog.

  1. It’s “Internet“, not “the internet“. And chances are you mean the World Wide Web with no concept that Internet is a bigger and more useful thing.
  2. I think I struck a cord” is just about the dumbest thing you can say to someone, and it’s even worse because you’re hiding behind the medium of Internet. First, it’s “chord“. Second, consider that if you ever said this to someone in real life, they’d strike YOU. Pushing someone’s buttons is fun. Bragging about having pushed the button is being an ass.
  3. Two things: “Your” is second person possessive, “You’re” is a contraction of “You are
  4. Two more: “Its” is possessive, “It’s” is a contraction of “It is”. Let me repeat this slowly: in any case where an apostrophe could mean (possessive | contraction) in context, it means contraction. If contraction is not what you mean, then don’t use it. An apostrophe is never used to indicate plural. Some of us had to learn this by fifth grade. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then I’m talking to you.
  5. Three more: “Two” is a number, “Too” means “also”, “To” covers the other usages.
  6. Here’s a new one: to “Sow” is to scatter seeds. To “Sew” is to use a needle and thread.
  7. The word is “Masturbation“, and it is not spelled any other way. If you accuse someone of doing this, you accuse them of being normal, not being morally corrupt.
  8. There is also a single spelling for “Definitely“.
  9. They’re“, “There“, “Their“. Figure it out.
  10. Principle“, “Principal“. Discuss.
  11. Hypocrite.
  12. See also the Seven Deadly sins of Grammar.
  13. To use the term “Gay” as an insult is the height of stupid. I feel similarly about using things like oral and anal sex as if it were okay for your wife to do it to you but not for any other context.
  14. Any of the above will be highlighted in your comments on my blog, and your comments will otherwise be ignored.
  15. If you have not studied argument, you are not going to win one against me because I have. Don’t bother. At minimum this means you should be able to identify a logical fallacy in an argument and reject the argument before you decide to share it with the class.

Meh, I just can’t finish this post. There are just so many things you should not do when using Internet in general!


3 thoughts on “Front Matter

  1. Good start. To use a word as seriously as I can, specifically stating that I am definately not being faceious or sarcastic: rah.

  2. Wow, that’s two misspellings, some grammar that just begs for a nice “FUCK YOU”, and a likely misplacement of “sarcastic”. And Syd is one of my dearest friends.
    What the heck is this world coming to?
    (good to hear from you buddy)

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